What to Expect

You’ll owe a small percentage of the full amount of the bond or the premium, that is, if the defendant makes all required court appearances. We will assist each defendant as they process through the legal system to help them understand and comply with expectations. A bail bond agent is a person, agency, or corporation acting as a surety and posting bail for a defendant. In exchange for the funds or collateral needed to post bail, the defendant promises to attend all scheduled court appearances. If the defendant fails to do this, the bail bond agent is allowed in certain states to search for the defendant, usually using “bounty hunters,” in order to recover the amount posted for bail. 

What are the Steps after a family member has been arrested?

Step 1: Call Immediate A-Advantage Bonding at 334.712.9988. We will check to see if your friend/family member has been processed and what their bail amount has been set at.

Step 2: Your Immediate Bail Bonds representative will walk you through the details of the case, the portion of the bail amount that would be owed at that time, cosigner responsibilities, and payment options. Cash bonds and Card bonds accepted.

Step 3: Once details have been discussed, the bond will be posted by Immediate Bail Bonds to the court.

Step 4: Your friend or family member is released from jail!

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond or surety bond is a financial guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in each and every court appearance as the court directs. Failure of the defendant to appear in court could result in warrants issued and the bail bonds forfeited. The other type of bond is a cash bond. Once the bail amount is set by the judge, the bail bond agent charges an upfront fee. In Florida, this fee is preset at 10% of the listed bond. However, in federal cases, 15% is required, so exceptions are given to them. This fee is non-refundable and acts as a payment to the bail bond agent for services rendered. 

What does ROR mean?

ROR means to be “Released On Recognizance”. This designation is usually reserved for a defendant who has strong family and community ties, poses little to no flight risk and is a first-time and non-violent offender. A background check impacts the recommendation to the court.

How much does it cost for a bail bond?

At A-Advantage Bonding, a bond percentage is based upon of the full amount of the bond. Crimes such as petty theft will have a lower bail amount than a crime like  grand larceny or more violent crimes. If someone has an extensive criminal history, it is quite likely the bail amount will be increased. Significant differences exist in costs of bail bonds depending on the charge being a misdemeanor vs a felony – felony charges can be 5 to 10 times higher due to the potential flight risk from a possible long-term sentence. 

Is the premium for the bail bond refundable?

A-Advantage Bonding accepts liability once your bond is accepted and posted. Once you are released from jail on our bond, the premium is non-refundable.

When Can Bail Be Posted?

Many petty crimes have a set bail amount, and in this case, bail is able to be posted immediately after being processed. In other cases, bail cannot be posted until after the bail hearing. The advantage of having to remain in jail until a bail hearing is that an attorney can be hired to help argue for a reduced bail amount.