What We Do

When a friend or loved one has been arrested and is facing charges, you can always turn to a A-Advantage Bonding, get them out of jail fast. Our full staff of qualified bail bondsmen are fully licensed and insured and will act swiftly to help you or your loved one get out of jail quickly. We’re on call day and night to help in the most pressing situations, and we always offer a high level of compassion and discretion on every case.

Our bail bondsman agent team we employ is experienced at dealing with a number of different situations and dedicated to your ultimate satisfaction.

Available 24/7

A-Advanced Bonding is available 24 hours 7 days a week to help you secure bail. How exactly does this work? Well, after someone is arrested, there will be a first appearance where the bond amount is set for the person incarcerated. The bail bond amount set depends on many factors including the alleged offense, the severity of the alleged offense, criminal history etc. Why is bail set? It is the court’s way of making sure you show up for your scheduled court date after you are released from jail.

How Is Bail Posted?

In order to post bail or bond to have the accused released from jail, the full amount of the assigned bail must be given to the court. This amount can be quite large and quite possibly beyond the financial means of most people. This is where A-Advanced Bonding steps in. We make arrangements to cover your monetary obligation to the court so that the accused is released.

We are located at 109 E. Adams St. Dothan, AL. 36303

Our office is across the street from the Dothan Police Department.